Artist & Lecturer

Sierra Ortega

Brooklyn, NY

Emerging multi-disciplinary performance/new media artist and poet living and working in Brooklyn, NY.

I received my BA in political science (double minor in international development & aesthetics) from [REDACTED] in 2011. In 2015, I graduated from Hofstra University with an MA in Rhetorical Studies and just a year later I received an MA in performance studies from New York University. The PhD is upcoming.

Utilizing my background in performance practice, speculative philosophy, and queer and feminist politics, I have come to develop an artist/scholar practice that is deeply personal, constantly chaotic, and furiously DIY. A kind of art-house vaporpunk that has allowed me to explore the conceptual possibilities of art making in a world undervalues the labor of the artist. AKA I make things that are cheap, easily reproducible, or confined entirely to either my body or the digital realm. I tend to use my practice as a means of intellectual self-care and so it often deals with the two most present problems in my life, namely, my rampant “mental illness” and Capitalism. My practice is one of reappropriation –creating new contexts from found objects, purloined images, and borrowed text. I hack. And I exploit. And I glitch. I experiment. And I imagine. As far as my means and my mind take me.


Resident Artist Dansens Hus 2/5/2018 – 2/16/2018 Stockholm, Sweden

Collaboration with Steinunn Ketilsdottir, practical choreographic research on the expectations and politics of dance performance

TMT Institute Fellow Target Margin Theatre Jan. 2018 – Present Brooklyn, NY

A year-long fellowship whose core goal is to rigorously to question our own assumptions about what the theater is, what it could be, and what we would like it to be.

Artist in Residence Reykjavik Dance Festival Aug. 2017 – Sept. 2017 Reykjavik, Iceland

Collaboration with Steinunn Ketilsdottir, practical choreographic research on the expectations and politics of dance performance

Artist in Residence Dansarena Nord 06/23/2017 – 07/13/2017 Hammerfest, Norway

Collaboration with Steinunn Ketilsdottir, practical choreographic research on the expectations and politics of dance performance (

Adjunct assistant professor Hofstra University 01/2017 – Present Hempstead, NY

Teaching public speaking as a member of the Rhetorical Studies department.

Adjunct instructor The New York City College of Technology (CUNY) 08/2016 – Present Brooklyn, NY

Teaching public speaking as a member of the Humanities department

Artist in Residence The Hollows Artspace 07/2016 – Present Brooklyn, NY

Working on several major projects (anxious capital, Salad Simulator, untitled movement project) and participating in three separate group exhibitions

Residency and programming coordinator The Hollows Artspace 01/2016 – 09/2016 Brooklyn, NY

Resident artist liaison, artist/donor/public relations, event planning, production assistance, and curatorial research

Graduate research assistant Hofstra University 09/2013 – 05/2015 Hempstead, NY

Graduate student assistantship. Research and drafting on a variety of issues including: SEO, public advocacy, and media studies; online database management and archiving.


MA Performance Studies New York University 06/2015 – 05/2016 New York, NY

Graduated summa cum laude

MA Rhetorical Studies Hofstra University 08/2013 – 05/2015 Hempstead, NY

Graduated with distinction

BA Political Science Brigham Young University 08/2007 – 12/2011 Provo, UT

Minors in international development and philosophy (aesthetics).


Group exhibition, Reflejo Civico//Civic Reflex, Panoply Performance Laboratory - Brooklyn, NY collective performance/social art project involving the formation of a self-reflexive collective of 20 artists, 5 public forum events, and an online blog.
Group exhibition, Out of Control, The Border Project Space - Brooklyn, NY collaborative performance vortical bodies in nomad space (w/Katy Halfin and Emma Yi)
Group Exhibition, 8th Festival, Online Performance Art - Livestreamed performance of fru1t1ng_b0d1es/p3rv3rs3_fac3s
Solo performance, perverse faces, Basement Town - Brooklyn, NY work-in-progress showing
Solo exhbition, s0ft_gl1ch, Cafe Beit - Brooklyn, NY A selection of netart and glichcore works
Group performance, Flux City: Immigrant Ball, Flux Factory - Queens, NY Performance conceptualized and organized by Katya Grokhovsky
Digital Group Exhibition, Acropolis Remix, The Wrong Biennial - wa5t3d (2016) & a5c3nd (2016)
Group exhibition, Fall Movement, The Center for Performance Research - Brooklyn, NY performance of s00the3.exe
Art Benefit, Sanctuary: Party Protest, The Park Church Co-op - Brooklyn, NY performance of #anewbirthoffreedom
Group exhibition, In Flux of Upturned Pleasure (Not a Rehearsal #2), El Museo de los Sures - Brooklyn, NY work-in-progress showing of s00the.exe
Solo performance, Performancy Forum, Panoply Performance Laboratory - Brooklyn, NY performance of PANIC becomes us
Solo Performance, ITINERANT Performance Art Festival, Panoply Performance Laboratory - Brooklyn, NY performance of PANIC becomes us
Group exhibition, Not a Rehearsal, El Museo del los Sures, - Brooklyn, NY performed 'i scream the body electric"
Online group exhibition, The Void and the Cloud, SciArt Center - New York, NY The exhibition can be viewed, in perpetuity, here:
Group exhibition, $uperdollar, Conartist Collective - New York, NY pieces included: $piny (2017), di$parate (2017), and link$ (2017)
Collaborative performance, Embarrassed of the Whole, Panoply Performance Laboratory - Brooklyn, NY performance “sierra.elena” generated from unique usership in EotW in collaboration with PPL Collective
Group exhibition, Debtfair @ The Whitney Biennial, The Whitney Museum of American Art - New York, NY piece included: wtf is america (2016)
Solo Performance, Salad Simulator 2017, The Hollows Artspace - Brooklyn, NY Performed as a part of The Apprentices, a group exhibition. A re-performance of Alison Knowles' Proposition: Make a Salad.
Solo performance, Shards, Dixon Place - New York, NY
Solo performance, Lotus' for Korihor, The Hollows - Brooklyn, NY as part of group exhibition Metanoesis
Group performance, Taboo Poets: Trashing Shame, The Bowery Poetry Club - New York, NY Performance of my work h4x 7h3 b0dy and other duo poetry readings
Group exhbition, NYU Performance Studies 2016 MA Thesis Salon, NYU: Tisch School of the Arts - New York, NY Performance of my work “i scream the body electric”


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