Cafe Beits0ft_gl1ch

Glitch is the language of our age. It sits at the intersection of aesthetic accumulation and total disruption. A meme that is hackable and hacked. Tonight you will see five works that trouble the perception of the glitch (whether technological, biological, neurological, or sociological) as error. What if, instead of a violent rupture of functionality, we imagine the glitch as a kind of foreplay? As an opening of the space of potentials. As the gentle rip, the soft disintegration, the quiet breakdown that heralds reemergence.

Artist, Performer, Curator
May 5, 2018
Performance series curated in conjunction with a solo exhibition of visual work.

Vanessa Vargas & Mariana Alviarez “Humo/Smoke”

Katy Halfin “A Call from the Void”

TR_RT “Untitled”

Polina Riabova “Responding to Submissions”

Sierra Ortega IM killtask/s0b3r_b0dy.exe